Letters I Never Posted…

Dear shadow,

I know you are desirous of being by my side, as my strength not weakness. I have seen you waiting for me patiently to find time for you. I have felt in your anger, the care you unknowingly show. I have realized that you want me to emerge as a winner, therefore you encourage me for new stuffs.  I wonder how you understand me so well?

I know you love walking with me every where, but you rarely show up. I can see you in the daytime at least, but at night you are completely lost. I know you don’t feel like talking to anyone but remember, absence makes you grow fonder. The day I bid farewell to this world, your significance shall also be lost. I wonder why is it so difficult to communicate with you?

I know you have a right to question me, pester me and defend me as well, and its my right to respond to your expectations. I know you will never admit but you do think about me. I know our bond will never die a natural death, it will stay forever, without a name.

I know you always wished that I write about you. Today, I have poured it all out.  If you receive this letter, do let me know. I am always there with you, my shadow.

From, the weary being, me.

Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar


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