Evenings by your side….

There is something unusual in this capital. Famous as ‘Shan-e-Awadh’, the capital has preserved a rich heritage of Indian culture in the form of royal etiquette, lofty gardens, sensational poetry, soulful music and fine traditional cuisine.

Apart from this, evenings by the side of river Gomti, are delightful romantic classics. It is the aroma of ‘Sham-e-Awadh’ that dominates the air near by and keeps the people spell-bound. As the night paints into deeper and deeper shades of blue, the ecstasy of evening allures more and more audience, serving as mezbaan to its people, the mehmaan. The cool breeze blowing against your face reminds you of the time when Nawaabs and their Begums must have walked here and cherished the most passionate hours of their lives. The serenity of the sight, the melody of water flowing and the whispers of leaves rubbing against each other, make you fall in love with the capital.


‘Andaaz-e-Awadh’ resides in sophisticated greetings of your waters, dear river Gomti.

‘Khwaish-e-Awadh’ brings complete Lucknow by your side dear river Gomti.

‘Aawaam-e-Awadh’ enjoys the evenings by your side dear river Gomti, till date.


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