Making the ends meet!

Everyday, the diplomats seat themselves cozily in their drawing rooms, attending to the morning news paper at tea. Later, the business people make way to their air-conditioned offices, in luxury cars to sign a few papers lying on their imported desk and a few formal meetings consuming a few hours. The rest of the day is spent in socializing over internet via the latest gadgets available. Yet, they have sleepless nights.

Simultaneously, a another man sets out on his repaired bicycle, with a variety of items, just for his livelihood. A sip of tea by the roadside, accompanied by narration on evergreen radio, marks the beginning of the day. Wandering and greeting strange customers, negotiating with them, eats up their entire day. But, after burning under the heat of the sun, the weary man has a sound sleep.

I’ve witnessed this in every walk,

It all lies in the prints of feet,

One man goes beyond the ends,

Other man makes the ends meet!

Picture credit: AKASH SINGH


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