Often traversing the road late at night, even your shadow leaves you solitary. Although, there are a lot of peaceful companions along the journey, better known as the twinkling stars. Seated at dinner, they record everything about everyone. They are a storehouse of secrets and the best confidant one can find. They know your worst fears and your strangest dreams. They have been with you in your highs and lows, in your ups and downs, in your thick and thin. They give you strength along your errand to eternity.

Just like the stars, there are few people in your life whose presence matters.

It needs to be felt! It needs to be valued! It needs to be said! Make efforts to tell them they matter because when you walk along the errand alone, you miss them. Let them know what their presence means to you before they go way too far, before its too late for you to rectify the fault in your stars.



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