Often the painting on the canvas has different stories to portray. There’s a well pronounced message conveyed to the entire audience that appeals to the eye of the beholder as well but the underlying secret is something only a handful of us can decipher.

It all lies in the way things are percieved. Even in life, at times there is an illusion, and there is a reflection. The illusion is before everyone but the reflection is before a very few. This happens when you choose someone else’s perspective and present it as yours. You are not wrong because you believe that true happiness lies in doing for others, especially people close to you. However, in the process, you loose your own identity and begin to run away from things. This leaves you with nothing but regrets. 





It’s time to face a reality check. Visualise things from the perspective of an entirely different individual. You’ll find that your preference(s) were wrong.

A change is necessary especially when it affects people close to you. No matter how many problems you face while changing, if you value the people in your life, you will somehow discover your happiness with them.

With the right preference(s), the painting on the canvas will convey it’s true textures, strokes and secrets, automatically. It’s true.


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