Connection From Heart to Heart

Because life is full of memories, moments need to be captured in the heart with haste. All those times spent together, the joy of sharing, the uncontrolled laughter. It is true that time flies with ambrosial  smiles, leaving behind sweet memories in sunshine.

The other word for family is being together. On my sister’s birthday i realise how connections from heart to heart keep you alive from within. It is all unconditional and beyond comprehension.

Here’s for you sister:

Numerous fights and heated discussions on sensitive issues,

Yet you stand calm and composed in pink and blues;

I might not say but I appreciate all your efforts,

I promise I will protect you from all the hurts.

You are always there to cheer on tedious drives:

And prove that siblings lift each other’s lives.

You must not worry about getting older,

Cause your craziness will keep you younger!

May be your age climbs up in years to come,

But you’ll stay just like me, awesome !

May the candles on your cake, light up your dream,

While your face is painted with cream,

On your special day, this is a special way

To wish you a very happy birthday!



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