It Happens Only In India….

Morning of my nation is busy in activities without discrimination between a hot summer day and a cold winter night. Life, for millions here, detours the same cross roads via the roundabout, where the ends meet. Like every morning, a colourful scene was on the canvas of the Indian subcontinent.

Being posed at the epicenter of activities, I began traversing the roundabout along its circumference. An auto-rickshaw driver pulled his fellow driver’s injured vehicle by means of a rope. He sacrificed his income for the time being but earned the goodwill of his friend in need.

A little ahead was a mother making sweet music with the bangles she displayed for sale. Her eldest daughter was in charge of everything at home, while her four little off-springs were playing in the sludge by her side. The eldest came to deliver her lunch and chased the muddy kids along. Sharing of responsibility bought me a smile.

Just then, a lucrative offer from the mango seller caught my attention. I began looking for him, in response to the voice signal. A sweat drenched fellow, making best efforts with his vocal chords, came into view but he was soon replaced by a grey haired fellow, probably his father, who instructed him to take a bath. The well pronounced care was a subject of great laughter.

From the other side of the road, a herd of cattle blocked the passage. An old couple with sticks in hands that also served as their support, came to the rescue of the passersby. They controlled the herd together from opposite sides and held each other’s hands, portraying true companionship.

At the corner was a super occupied tea stall, entertaining people from all walks of life. The customers enjoyed tea as they voiced their concerns for the cross roads and rushed to catch the public bus. The tea stall seller also rushed into the bus from front, with his bun-butter tray, and stepped down from rear, serving all passengers. Well, the dedication won my heart.

Just like every morning, I observe this and much more, without fa. These tiny tales always exist at cross roads, and it happens only in India!


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