Dreams I Have Never Lived..

The young girl came across the treasure chest of her dreams, in an ill lit room. In her struggle to open it, she noticed that the key was missing. Further probe with the help of a candle uncovered a warning, “Open with conscience.” The other letters were scarcely visible. She could hardly tear her eyes off that torn piece of paper, wondering what it meant.

As she walked back to the door with the torn half, the rays accidently illuminated the other part of the torn paper. She was delighted to have got the answer, but the other half had something else in store for her.

It said, “Beneath the treasure chest is an earthen pot overflowing with the sacrifices of your parents, lessons of your grandparents, experiences of your dear ones and dreams they decorated for your life. If you dig it and feel the fathom with your palm, you will realize the heaviness of the pain borne with smiles. You shall bring into existence, the dreams you have never lived.”

A tempest of thoughts rushed through her mind and she turned back to the treasure chest. Her endeavor to uncover the earthen pot requested to dislocate the treasure chest. A tiny thrust disclosed that the lock was suspended only to infuse a sense of security, it was already unlocked.

She unlatched the treasure chest and saw a bright realm of infant dreams, dazzling to render the candle useless. The cosmic gleam captured her mind, casting a deceptive shadow on her heart. It looked like the illusion promised her pleasurable gaiety as she lost herself into her future. While simultaneously, the earthen pot lost it’s only hope of existence. Perhaps because it could not compete with the charming vivacity of the materialistic world!


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