The Great Indian Weddings

Well, amidst the glittering attires and pompous formalities, I fail to understand why ladies are busy staring the young girls instead of the newly weds? This won’t fill the generation gap and make them look as pretty as they once used to be. While the young maidens are posing for selfies in traditional costumes, the kids make full use of the dance floor, until their stomachs turn hungry.

The hair dyed gentlemen are busy discussing business over dinner, and boasting of their kids. I wonder what pride they share in comparing their kids? The young bachelors pass smiles to every statement from the other side, showcasing a clear lack of interest in super elderly conversations.

The couple is left at the mercy of the cooler to suffer the summers in heavy attires and jewels. The groom and bride feel like running away from the stage but somehow bear it all with patience.

The guests now perform their duty. The classic arrangement is appreciated, the couple is blessed to give good news soon and in the meanwhile, the mothers of eligible bachelors sneak into the idea of their weddings and utilize their antennas fully to hunt for a perfect bride. The fathers of daughters are no less. While discussing business, they make note of everything potential thing capable of making his daughter’s future bright, if she gets married into that house.

The catastrophe strikes the door after some time. A wedding proposal. It happens only in India.5877476618_198b450182_b.jpg




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