Let’s Have A Heart

Quill_penWhen the sun sets, the stars are lit up in the sky, but what if we close our eyes and abstain from witnessing the same?

When the road is blocked, the alternate path is advantageous but what if taking the turn is not allowed?

When the walk is weary, the shade of the tree is a relief, but what if taking the shade is obstructed by dark clouds?

Well, the above thought process began in my mind when I noticed a young girl, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, picking up garbage by the roadside. On inquiry, I found that she had a paralyzed father lying in the dark thatched hut, with four walls and a roof, her home. I eventually realized how blessed I am and that we all must have a heart for people like her

There are homes: all dark –

And shall be, beyond doubt;

With perils, the fate brings about,

Learning to live, all without!


There are humans: all hungry-

A million endangered, struggling apart;

With voidness on their small cart,

Praying to complain, all in heart!


There are minds: all engrossed –

A tempest of thoughts to candle;

With questioning answers, they can’t handle,

Wanting to study, step on the paddle!


There are families: all wandering-

For a rooftop to risk the rain;

With refuged footpaths, stops the train,

Accepting the irony, subtly in vain!


There are hearts: all whimsical-

That an enchantment may open knots;

With all disconnected, shattered dots,

Making the ends meet, the have-nots!


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