Longings For A Mother

You will reflect her in the cheerful way you greet,

You will find her in strong decisions you take,

You will present her in the unconditional love you offer,

You will immortalize her in the selfless choices you make.


You will heal her with serene prayers you do,

You will cherish her while you re-recite rhymes,

You will reason her when your cell phone rings,

You will shed her in infinite tears at times.


You will notice her in your daughter’s smile,

You will feel her when you speak lies,

You will remember her when you smell the food,

You will miss her when you have weary eyes.


She’s always there with you, no matter what:

Distances of heaven and earth, seem like a dot!

Being grown up so old keep my longings for you the same-

I have come across a million eyes, but none I can call by your name!




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