A Disheartening Departure…

This is not the first time from the desk of a grand daughter…

But yes, time has brought forth a reminder, the shade that helped me to stand where I am today, lies only in my faint memories.

Have you ever noticed a tree, lush with green leaves tangling all around its branches? The deep roots of the tree nourish the flowers springing on the top while the heavy trunk strengthens their existence.

But, what happens when the tree is cut down from it’s trunk? It looses every single drop of existence and eventually dries out. Neither the leaves, nor the flowers stay. There rests the lush green tree, resembling a dark skeleton of physical existence, without life.

The case is similar here. I was a flower springing on the top of the tree whose trunk was my grand father. A few months back, the trunk was cut down by the carriage of death, detaching all its leaves, all its flowers forever.

I am walking, I am talking, I am working, I am jerking, but only till the last drops of moisture stay with me. I am drying out each moment owing to the heat of perils the fate brings about. And the day all moisture is lost from within, I shall bid goodbye and rest comfortably in my grave.

Another tree shall rest aside in years to come. Yet again, it will be a disheartening departure for some.


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