Letters I Never Posted…

Dear Relationship, It is not that I don't feel like rearing you up with all the pampering, care and concern. I must admit I too feel that I should be loved, admired and thought by someone. Someone whose forehead frowns with a single tear of mine, and whose face glows with my smile. Someone who …

‘She’ Is Your Fault

Was invited, By him - the chief, She reached in a silver mini dress, Sparkling like dew on the tip of a leaf. While she ate, They drank in brief, She was the only girl in the group, Played like dew jumping from leaf to leaf. Mis-happened, Courage was thief, She couldn't revolt against them, …

A Day In History of Turkey 18 Years Back

Newspaper clip showing the devastation

17 August is a day of mourning in the history of Turkey because a horrific earthquake striked Izmit (a city in Turkey) 18 years ago on 17 August 1999. It took over 17,000 lives and left 50,000 people injured. Neither the societal conditions were good, nor the health care. As a result, the natural disaster …

Ll PCI-e Slots: The Destroyer of Other Peripheral Slots

PCI-e is popular and very common among the hardware engineers, but very less known by common people who use their PC for normal daily purpose like surfing web or consuming multimedia or just doing some casual gaming on a PC. They hardly pay attention to questions like - What does PCI-e mean? And for what …

9 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets From Amazon Under $5

Kitchen accessories are renowned for making the kitchen work easier. These gadgets are loved as they cater to the needs of a busy and time-deficient life. A person who loves to cook cannot really resist scrolling down the list of these must have kitchen gadgets that can all be purchased for just $45! 1. Multi …

LG Q6 Overview: Live Out of Bound

LG is a company, which manufactures one of the most premium smart-phones, TV’s, home appliances and monitors. It has recently released its new smartphone LG Q6, which is targeted to mid-ranged audience. If we look at the track record of its budget lineup in past, LG doesn’t have a good record, but this time LG …

Ironies of Life…

You and me who are using this 'online' medium of communication, by staying 'online' and encouraging others to stay 'online', have solemnly resolved to set a rule - 'online is the new cool'. However, our aged surroundings have a problem with that and making them understand that what being 'online' means is a mammoth task. So, …

Lenovo K8 Note: Really a Killer Note?

Lenovo, a company well known for its mid-range devices has brought a new mid-range device - Lenovo K8 Note. Lenovo keeps on improving their ‘K’ series but the improvements were minor, and the performance of its ‘K’ series lineup was very average till Lenovo’s K5 lineup. When Lenovo released its K6 lineup, the game actually …

Sitting Alone By The Gate, I Discovered Home

Sitting alone by the gate, a thought from far away land of anxiety wandered into his mind. It was rather a notion of reality which he succumbed to, or an ailment he'll rather not wish anyone to submerge in. It had been a quiet morning for him as he took a day off from his …

Little Known Things About Justice Dipak Misra, 45th Chief Justice of India

Justice Dipak Misra - 45th CJI India

He had earlier served as Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and Patna High Court. He has also served as the judge of the Supreme Court for 7 years. His career shall be a guiding light for many other law practitioners in the years to come.

Friendship Diaries

The most melodramatic episodes of comedy, fantasy, love and even heartbreaks are portrayed along with a divine creation called "best friend". They are a warehouse of mischief, hiding an ocean of our secrets.  When we're in agony, they suffer with us. When we're happy, they share it with us. When we're in trouble, they recite …

Friendship in The Jungle

While there are so many things already written about friendship, this is a rare form of friendship that saw and felt like writing about. Friends are not only those whom we expect to be our friends, often circumstances bring us better friends. I was born, There was a fight. The clock struck two, In the …

Is Solid State Drive (SSD) The Future Of Computer Hard Disk Drives (HDD)?

We all are familiar with the term Hard Disk, one of the most important pieces of technology ever created. Being a storage device, its importance is not recognized by a majority of people, who feel that it is just a piece of hardware which stores data for them. But, apart from storing data, it keeps …

Let Us Raise Our Glasses On International Beer Day!

What is the only thing capable of making you forget your sorrows and seeing your joy double? The only thing bubbling in golden color to be affordable at costs much lesser than gold? It is nothing but our very own dark beauty, beer. Today I take pride in remembering the cause of and the solution to …

Ironies Of Life…

Sometimes, the happiest memories hurt the most while mostly, the sad ones serve the same purpose. Whenever we travel back in time, we once again come across the scars whose marks have not yet left our lives. To you and to me, they are the disorders that no medicine can heal.

Inflation Softened Post Demonetization in India, Cut In Repo Rate & New Denominations Are Here

The rate cuts will trigger the growth of demonetization affected sectors such as real estate and automobiles, while also benefiting others.

Time is Up For OTW Movies in Indian Cinema, Promises Secret Superstar Trailer

Time is up! Time is up for Movies that have their story line encircling around the same old subjects. Be it Raabta, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kirti Sanon that portrayed the story of birth and rebirth, trying to find lost love or Mubarakan, having a long star cast that includes Anil Kappor and Arjun …

What Is Behind The Stellar Partnership Move of Flipkart and eBay India?

Now this is something big - Flipkart and eBay India have both tweeted the same thing!! Is this a competitive warning to the giant Amazon?

Another Tragedy In Kabul A Week after 35 People Were Killed in a Taliban Attack

Both the Taliban and an Islamic State affiliate have previously carried out such attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan. For people in the middle east, it is another day with another blast or gunfire, plunging into deep humanitarian crisis and yet the solution is nowhere in sight.

Is the Buzz About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Due to These Leaks?

Samsung is one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturers. Being the giant who has gripped the Smartphone market, it is about to reveal its new device - Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ and after the explosion of Samsung’s Note 7, the expectations for Samsung’s Note 8 are …

Nawaz Sharif Joins the List of Pakistani Prime Ministers Who Did Not Complete Their Term

Earlier Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was ousted from the post of Prime Minister. Is is legacy in Pakistan?

Xiaomi Mi 5x: Maximum Features In An Affordable Price

Xiaomi, a brand that shook Indian mobile market when it first came to India with its ‘MI3’ is back. MI3 that gave the consumers a high speed mobile at a low price was followed by Xiaomi’s Redmi series in India, focusing consumers with a very low budget. Both MI3 and Redmi sold like hot cakes …

President Kalam Will Continue To Inspire, Educate and Advocate Through His Memorial

That day, the incredible scientist who turned into an able statesman, passed away. Today marks the second death anniversary of the 'Missile Man of India', the visionary behind the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology.

These iPhone 8 Leaks Have Deprived Me of My Night’s Sleep

I am one of the few people who regret having an iPhone today for these leaks are far more lucrative than the iPhone in my hand is.

Open Letter On My Birthday

Somewhere between ordering a theme cake and picking any one from the display, I grew up. Somewhere between having two birthday cakes and having none, I grew up.

But, why all his achievements are being addressed as ‘was’ and not ‘is’?

He was the man behind the launching of India's first satellite 'Aryabhatta' in 1975. He was the visionary of the Mars Orbiter Mission. He was a recipient of D.Sc from over 26 universities.

Is It Worth Comparing With Other Ranbir Kapoor Starers by Anurag Basu Like Barfi?

Doing something exceptional always needs you to pay a handsome price. It is an elusive performance any how.

Website that Asks You to Create an Account are Building their Databases

Why do you think the option Log In with Facebook has been developed by websites?

Let Us Make Each Day – ‘Mandela Day’

Hardly anyone who called him is Madiba (his nickname), had a clue that he would have been dreaming of a better world to settle down.

Not A Bad Day to File The 2017 Vice Presidential Nominations in India

Both the proposed candidates have exquisite political careers. Here are the highlights.

Who Shall Replace Pranab Mukherjee as the 14th Indian President?

The 2017 Indian Presidential elections are conducted by the secret ballot method and not EVM.

Tonight 9 pm You shall see Winter Coming

The greatest secret is being a part of the secret.

Google Adds ‘Accessibility’ To Their Lives

People with restricted mobility or disability have been gifted by Google.

The Wait Ends With Beyoncé’s Instagram Post

She had a lot more than just pictures to share with the world. It was a mother's happiness in it's purest form.

What is so fascinating about Google Algorithms?

There is mystery associated with each search result. Do you have an idea what it is?

5 Things Every Student in the Final Year Does Not Has On The List

There are a few things that you would never do just after passing out from college.

Which Singing Sensation From Your Nation Has Crossed All Boundaries?

Who do you think is the international sensation from India?

I Bet You Want to be as Smart as He is!

The tricks he does are a treat to watch. Who are we talking about?

Why Don’t We Know These Names From the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup?

This is the 11th edition of this tournament. Why have we failed in getting these names to the trending list?

What Captain America Conveyed To Peter Parker Via The Cafeteria Television?

Well, who could have been better than him to convey this lesson to the growing kid and even the world?

The Reckless Devotion

Have you ever been bothered by the endless repetition of apothegm, "If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die" ? Have you felt the whimsical farrago of passiveness that corrode away your susceptibility towards predilection? A writer, particularly the one who is falling hard in love, is subjected to an endless, …

The Stained Papers

The Quill positioned in the knot of my fingers, Shall transform these papers into my letters, Letters I shall never post, Letters I shall never read, Letters I shall write until this Quill refuses to pay heed, Until the Quill runs out of ink to put stains on these papers, And my tears absorb on …