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Love Thyself !!

In a paradigm where verisimilitudinous speculations inherit mounting maxima, the preposterous vision is profoundly condemned. The belligerent encounters of heart with mind sever the functioning of all the factions of the human brain and heart. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pervading into the monstrous dolors of dereliction. I’ve been told that I’m a confused, chaotic, directionless flesh with no idea of the path … Continue reading Love Thyself !!

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How Internet took over the Newspaper, the Television and the Radio by Surprise?

Internet: “Hello Newspaper! I am sorry to have diverted a lot of your regular readers!” Newspaper : “Yeah, you are right. I have started losing my charm now-a-days.”  Internet: “That is so understanding on your part, Newspaper. But believe me, coming days will be more challenging for both of us.” Newspaper : “Yeah, I know I am dying.”  Internet: “Don’t worry. Every body has a … Continue reading How Internet took over the Newspaper, the Television and the Radio by Surprise?

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Love That Is Arranged In India

The dictionary defines ‘arranged marriage‘ as the marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned. I appreciate the precise definition adhering to the fact that the reference wasn’t made to the arranged marriages in India. Arranged marriages in the Indian subcontinent are far more than just choosing the bride and groom. Although, Bollywood is a passionate advocate of romanticism in … Continue reading Love That Is Arranged In India

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The Chaos Theory

We live in a world where everything is related to everything. Its a highly complex, inter-related network with slight changes in one affecting the other. It all forms an interlinked chain of self loops, feedback mechanisms, repetition and recursion. Its a simple mayhem explained by Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is basically a theory, representing systems which are highly responsive to initial stimuli. It is mathematical … Continue reading The Chaos Theory

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The Corporate Lifestyle!

The fascinating skyscrapers are powerhouses for extensive high profit outputs. These allure a large number of qualified engineers and managers to efficiently deliver their services and flourish. However, these corporate jobs are difficult to fit into in our lifestyle. Likes horses pulling the tongas, employees in MNCs are troubled to the fullest. They have long working hours that leave them exhausted by the end of … Continue reading The Corporate Lifestyle!

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Down The Lane

Sitting under the French lamp post, I was walking down the memory lane and wondering about the colossal change that the nucleus of the city went through! Yes! I am talking about the Hazratganj. The majestic grandeur and the simplicity of architecture of Hazratganj have complimented the city of Nawabs, like cherry compliments a cake top. Being placed centrally in the city, not only its … Continue reading Down The Lane

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The Addiction Prophecy

“Whenever you are with me, you go completely off.” He said. “I am heavy hearted these days, please don’t take it otherwise.” She said. She had a subtle prophecy that she had become habitual of him, unconditionally. Those daily conversations were shaping a significant, yet insignificant contribution in her life. She wanted to cut down on the overdue importance, rendered to an acquaintance, who was increasingly … Continue reading The Addiction Prophecy

Selected Scribbled Stories

Females have always been viewed as the weaker sex, even while talking of equality on the international forefront. I hardly can believe this irony that when females are giving cut throat competition to the world, why can’t the world end this sexual racism? Why can’t the world let them discover their wings?Why can’t their eyes dance with gaiety, not succumb with tears?Why can’t they abandon … Continue reading Selected Scribbled Stories

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On A Voyage With The River

On my boat in parallel with the river, I was lost somewhere, uncertain with shiver! The feet were assigned, the luggage was destined, Yet being away from home, heavily fined. I looked around for the lass of mine, Like Eve was made from Adam’s spine, But soon realised Cupid was angry with me, Turning deaf ears to my heart’s succumbing plea. I murmured to her … Continue reading On A Voyage With The River

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Soul Food in Lucknow!

There was a slight saliva building up in my mouth as I walked through the streets of Lucknow. It was the smell of kebabs and biryani penetrating my trachea and activating the juice dance in my stomach. Besides the Nawabi heritage, the city has some of the most royal relishes as some superior soul food dishes to offer. The traditional food of Lucknow was highly patronized … Continue reading Soul Food in Lucknow!

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How the Sunflower Craved for its Sun !

The diagnosis did yield positive results, yet I was sick. The doctors were perplexed by this unfamiliar, undetected disease that I’d caught. Due to this conundrum, they failed to save me. Had they checked my heartbeat when my eyes met your eyes, they would have known that I wasn’t sick. I was sunk, I was doomed in your love ! Had they seen how my … Continue reading How the Sunflower Craved for its Sun !

Ironies of Life…

Racism is not just discrimination, it is depriving a person of the pleasure of his or her natural beauty. People have sold, purchased, owned and slaved, other people under this pretext. This practice, fetches nothing except for cultivating maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. To you, it might be a shoot of the mocking bird, voiced in solidarity in a luxurious drawing room. To me, … Continue reading Ironies of Life…

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Longing for Belonging…

While the night painted into deeper and deeper shades of blue, her longing eyes were still looking for some belonging in the audacious blankness of the vast sky. Sitting under the labyrinth of those branches, in the company of the tree, that had grown along with her over the years, she had been expecting some magic to happen that night. She had heard in her childhood that the people who … Continue reading Longing for Belonging…

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Who hears your voice – Cult or None ?

There is a colossal population of youngsters who entail articulation, franchise and require expression to put forth their opinion. Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) attempts to provide this platform to the Indian youth to make themselves heard. From unpretentious beginnings, their website has surged up to heights of readership, engagement and immense popularity. Started by Anshul Tewari in March 2008, the purpose was to fill … Continue reading Who hears your voice – Cult or None ?

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Notices at Night…

With warnings studded like gems in gravel, A few roads are haunted hell to travel; Deceptive destinations don’t have a measured distance, And walking with principles is a foolish persistence! Your close ones will snatch your optimism, Will criticise, seeking rainbow in the prism; Shunning the principles that govern the result, Will demotivate adding spicy spoiled insult! Night after night, I am sleepless and thoughtful, … Continue reading Notices at Night…

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Impossible said “I’m Possible!”

One of the greatest happiness in the world is accomplishment of something, you thought you never had potential for! Having invested so much, when you have sacrifices your nights and overexploited your days, the joy of its completion is simply extraordinary. Well, this reminds me that the word ‘Impossible’ says, ‘I’m Possible”. And there are darlings (love redirects here)  in my life, who made me … Continue reading Impossible said “I’m Possible!”

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Letters I Never Posted…

Dear Friend, I apologise for keeping distance from you, not reciprocating the bitterness, you have to upset me. I don’t have the audacity to filter my emotions, because when I am hurt, I am. The only difference is I put a cap on my mouth, while you don’t. As of now, I am unable to differentiate the right person, from the two of your incarnations. … Continue reading Letters I Never Posted…

When Did You Last Sleep ?

Dear eyes, Your conspiracy to bring floods into my room, irks me. I really wonder when did you last sleep? You have been shedding tears for an unworthy heart since so long, for you unfortunately found in them, the faith, they never deserved. You were too innocent to fall prey to the lucrative gestures of human physiognomy, inciting infatuation that eventually dumped you. By now, … Continue reading When Did You Last Sleep ?

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Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time in history it was never said, that if something loses it’s existence or changes it’s appearance, it never had any valuable experiences. Every fallen, dead leaf, once danced enthusiastically on a windy day, Every drenched, wrecked ship, once sailed high spirited on bay! Everything that attains an end, definitely had a beginning. Birth and death are two universal truths, and the journey between … Continue reading Happily Ever After?

Strange Familiar?

Whilst sitting under the monotonous moonlit sky, his thoughts oscillated to places far and wide. The quietude was interrupted by a shooting star, on its journey to the Earth. Since he had heard of the shooting star granting wishes, he couldn’t help but wonder, “How can anything that’s falling itself quench someone else’s thirst of desires?”  The selfless things he did for people while he … Continue reading Strange Familiar?

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Solemn Speech In Solitude

There are instances when troubles drop in multitude, but there are people backing you up, without your knowledge. The mountains by the side of river, support it wholeheartedly throughout the journey, protecting it from storms and preserving its beauty. However, the river cuts the mountains, while making its way forward. How unjustified? But wait, how often do we accommodate that truth behind what we see?  What happens to the unconditional … Continue reading Solemn Speech In Solitude


Often traversing the road late at night, even your shadow leaves you solitary. Although, there are a lot of peaceful companions along the journey, better known as the twinkling stars. Seated at dinner, they record everything about everyone. They are a storehouse of secrets and the best confidant one can find. They know your worst fears and your strangest dreams. They have been with you … Continue reading Errand.

It Happens Only In India….

Morning of my nation is busy in activities without discrimination between a hot summer day and a cold winter night. Life, for millions here, detours the same cross roads via the roundabout, where the ends meet. Like every morning, a colourful scene was on the canvas of the Indian subcontinent. Being posed at the epicenter of activities, I began traversing the roundabout along its circumference. … Continue reading It Happens Only In India….